Hong Kong


Sunset over Hong Kong
No touch up. Just timing and framing to catch this boat, the Luna Aqua, passing by the Avenue of Stars on Kowloon.


Star Ferry
The famous old ferries that ply between Kowloon and Hong Kong island.

Hong Kong_Peak_Night_panorama
Link to large

The view from Victoria Peak at night
Learning points: A panorama of 2 shots, I used a bean bag to keep the camera steady on a binocular post meant for tourists on top of The Peak's viewing gallery. Made sure to use only ISO100 for noise, the live view to ensure focus, and to review to ensure sharpness.


O'Brien St

The distinctive taxis of HK, which were ubiquitous. Taken from a 2nd story pedestrian walkway, the 'bean bag' I mentioned earlier is actually rice in a ziplock bag which I brought from home - a useful tip I read. Worked like a charm and I didn't need a tripod at all.

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